Chiropractic Treatments

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While this is not an exhaustive list, Premier Health St Paul Chiropractor Dr. Castillo uses many different techniques to address the pain at its source. Here are six chiropractic treatments that can be used during one of your visits at Premier Health MN.


After finding the cause of your problem, our doctor’s use a hands-on approach to find and fix the areas of your spine that aren’t moving well.  All of our doctors utilize a diversified approach to each patient and perform gentle, manual adjustments so patients feel and function better as a whole. 

In office cryotherapy. 

An examination of the patient revealed that edema associated with tissue injury is present.  In order to reduce the edema and the associated pain, cryotherapy will be used prior to performing the chiropractic adjustment. The anticipated effects are both palliative (through pain reduction) and therapeutic (through edema reduction). During the acute phase of healing (the next 2 to 4 weeks) in office icing will be necessary to prepare for and complement the chiropractic adjustment as well as ensure that there is not increased edema following treatment.  

Moist heat.  

Moist heat will be utilized to prepare for and complement the chiropractic adjustment.  Moist heat will be applied to the patient to reduce myospasm, increase blood flow to the healing tissues and produce a general reduction in pain.  The utilization of moist heat allows for more effective adjustments as well as enhanced soft tissue healing between treatment sessions.   

Diathermy therapy.  

Diathermy therapy will be used to provide a deep heating of injured tissues.  The deep heating created by the Diathermy allows for relaxation of hypertonic and spasmodic muscles, increases the blood flow to the area and provides a palliative effect, which allows for more efficient and effective adjustments.   

“The nervous system holds the key to the body's incredible potential to heal itself.”

Electrical myo-stimulation (EMS).  

Electrical myo-stimulation (EMS) will be used to relax muscles by exhausting the muscle fibers themselves.  This therapy interrupts the neurologic cycle of spasm and dysfunction thereby allowing efficient treatment and increased tissue healing between treatments.   

General mechanical traction.  

Mechanical traction of the spine will be applied to enhance the biomechanics of joint complexes through normalization of muscle and connective tissue length.  The reactionary splinting action of muscles, as well as the shortening of connective tissue in reaction to aberrant biomechanics, has resulted in a restriction of motion of the joints being treated.   

Intersegmental Traction 

Intersegmental Traction is a highly sought after therapy that enhances the range of motion for the entire spine.  Patient’s can feel a rolling sensation up and down their spine in order to gently and effectively reestablish normal range of motion to the spine.   

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy reduces pressure in tight muscles around an affected area/joint, improves blood flow and circulatory exchange of nutrients versus waste products, enhances function of nerve transmission and recused functional loss associated with scar tissue formation and restricted joint range of motion.

Visit your St Paul Chiropractor Dr. Castillo

Feel free to call the St Paul chiropractic location at (651) 797-4567 and request an introductory chiropractic exam.

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