Have Fibromyalgia in Minneapolis? Consider Chiropractic Care.

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            Often times, patients come in with widespread pain.  Neck, mid back and low back pain are common complaints that prompt a patient to come into the office to get their spine checked.  However, when everything hurts, we as chiropractors have to pay a little bit more attention as to what might be causing the widespread pain.  One condition that we see from time to time that encompasses this type of scenario is Fibromyalgia.  Luckily, we can help manage pain with treatments and therapeutic modalities when modern medicine doesn’t seem to be helping.  Here are some ways that our Minneapolis chiropractic office can help alleviate pain for patients that have already been diagnosed with having Fibromyalgia in Minneapolis.

Chiropractic can help reduce stress

One of the complexities of Fibromyalgia is that the cause is unknown.  Studies have shown that genetics and life stressors can play a part in causing Fibromyalgia.  To combat life stressors, chiropractic adjustments can be used to reduce stress in the body.  In turn, by reducing stress in the body, patients can experience less pain and even improve other aspects of their life that were previously inhibited by the pain symptoms that occur due to Fibromyalgia.  Chiropractic adjustments help in regards to all three types of stressors one can experience: physical, emotional and chemical.

            In regards to the physical stressors patient experience, these could include car accidents, work accidents, slips, falls or any other type of micro trauma accumulation that can happen over time.  Overtime, these physical traumas can accumulate and can contribute to fibromyalgia symptoms.  Through receiving the right type of chiropractic care, one can alleviate stress from a physical standpoint, which can reduce pain that patients experience.

            In regards to emotional stressors, chiropractic can help immensely in regards to balancing the body’s “fight or flight” response that occurs when patients aren’t able to handle emotional life stressors.  A prime example of when the body experiences a “fight or flight” response is when running away from a tiger.  During this type of scenario, the body experiences an increase in blood pressure, blood is shunted to the limbs for extra coordination, digestion is slowed and heart beat increases to prepare for a potential fight. 

In modern society, this response is happening on a daily basis for individuals that are stressed from their job, anxious about life circumstances or are just stressed in general.  Chiropractic adjustments have a calming effect that help the body better adapt to life stressors.  Patients commonly experience better sleep, more energy and better digestion following chiropractic adjustments.  This is due to the fact that when the body is stressed, bodily functions can be affected as well.  This is fascinating because most people that seek chiropractic care are in pain with the intent of only treating their pain.  However, through proper education, one can find that chiropractic not only helps reduce pain, but can also improve other aspects of life such as sleep and energy. 

Lastly, from a chemical sense, chiropractic can assist the body in better function, period.   We are able to affect our body from a chemical sense by ingestion medication, coffee, and even food.  When our body is functioning properly due to life stressors, it can lead to problems with basic functions such as digestion and sleep.  Thankfully, chiropractic can help with this as well due to its ability to enhance the function of the parasympathetic system, located in the neck and low back near the sacrum.  In fact, some practitioners only focus on the neck and low back because of its ability to treat many conditions involving stress.  This type of technique is called “craniosacral therapy.

“The spine as a whole operates as a functional unit. Each vertabra can affect its neighbor and one portion of the spine may affect or damage other areas of the body.”

Reducing Fibromyalgia pain with chiropractic care and therapeutic modalities      

At the end of the day, patients just want to feel better when they experience pain from their Fibromyalgia condition.  Utilizing chiropractic care combined with therapeutic modalities, it is a much easier battle when it comes to reducing pain instead of solely relying on pain medications.  Chiropractic adjustments help the body function better from a musculoskeletal standpoint whereas therapeutic modalities such as massage therapy help relax the pain in the muscles.  One of the challenges with fibromyalgia is that it is characterized with widespread pain with pain that is provoked by light palpation.  This means that even just laying a finger on a patient can cause pain.  This makes the chiropractic adjustment difficult to perform at times due to the need to put some force into the patients spine in order to correct it’s alignment.  Luckily, therapeutic modalities such as massage therapy are available in most chiropractic offices that can help alleviate pain symptoms that come with Fibromyalgia. 

Consider Your Dr. Perez Chiropractors for Fibromyalgia

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it’s always a good idea to seek natural treatments versus medication due to the potential side effects that medications have to offer.  The three most common treatments that seem to do best with Fibromyalgia are the following: chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupuncture.  Utilizing these types of treatments in conjunction with medication can provide patients with the best results in managing their pain levels as opposed to solely relying on medications.  Call a chiropractic office near you to find out more about how you can manage the pain symptoms of Fibromyalgia.     

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